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Blog Design

A blog is usually written by one person and updated at regular intervals. Blogs can be written on a specific topic, although some blogs can simply be a collection of life experiences or discoveries.

Many companies or organisations have a blog as part of their web pages. This type of blogging is usually slightly different as it forms part of your company website and is usually part of a Social Media Optimisation strategy.

Quite often we are asked "Can my blog design match my website ?"

The simple and quick answer is 'YES'. It really depends upon what you are trying to achieve. You may decide to use Wordpress to build your website, due to it being a quite relaxed magazine style format.

In this case due to the nature of your site style you may really only have one or two pages of blog content, with everything using the same overall design. However if you were a firm of solicitors your main site may need to be more formal in design and the blog therefore could benefit from a lighter more relaxed feel to the design.

Is it time that you took your website to the next level? What are you waiting for? Call us now.

What features do most blogs usually have ?

Blogs usually do not have as many features as a website. They can have various effects but are not usually as interactive as some websites can be. Usually most blogs have the following :



Your bespoke blog may be just a click away...

You may be thinking that a bespoke blog is well outside of your financial reach. We have worked with many different small organisiations to provide bespoke blog designs on a tight budget.

We are sure whatever your requirements that the project can be progressed even on the tightest of budgets.

We offer flexible payment plans at 0%apr, to allow you to spread the cost of your overheads more inline with your income.

As the famous phrase goes - every little helps !

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