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Web Hosting Packages

To enable you to correctly judge your hosting requirements you need to consider the size of your website. A website that is mainly text based would usually be much smaller than one that is image heavy.

Further more one if you were going to use a blog or Content Management System, you may need php and databases installed into your hosting package. Careful planning of the requirements or functionality of your website will usually determine the requirements for your hosting package.

The basic rule that you need to observe is to dig below the surface of the package and behind the glitzy £1.99 per month and discover what the package really offers you and the functionality that you will therefore be able to enjoy on your website.

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What should I look for in a hosting package ?

There are certain features in a hosting package that we feel in our opinion, your hosting company should provide, these include:

There are other features that are beneficial to have. These will depend on what need you have for them on your website.
Other features include:

There are 2 other key features of your web hosting plan, bandwidth and disk space.

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