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Maintenance Services

If you own or mange your website or blog, you will know how time consuming it can be to constantly update your website. Do you struggle to keep the content fresh and relevant to users ?

Unlike a book whose content remains static throughout its life, a website's content can and needs to be updated and maintained to keep users visiting your website. Most people understand that the information contained in the pages of your website need to be kept up to date, so potential customers are not mis-informed about your products or services.

However you may not realise that keeping the webite up to date, is a subtle but vital part of any Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Can we help make things easier for you ?

We have already mentioned that keeping your website updated with the latest news relating to your organisation's products and services is very important. However even with a Content Management System integrated into your website, updates can take time. Maybe you're confused about the technical side of keeping your website up-to-date, or it is simply that you or your staff don't have the time to effectively run your business and maintain your website.



Is it time that you took your website to the next level? What are you waiting for? Call us now.

We can partner with you to update your website. We offer several different options and will be delighted to help you find the best to suit your maintenance requirements.

Self maintained


Maintained by us


There is much more we can tell you regarding our maintenance options, which we would be delighted to tell you more about in person. A short conversation can usually establish the best options to maintain your website or blog.

Bottom line : It shouldn't be a drag...

Let's "cut - to - the - chase", if your website content management system(CMS) is a drag, or the fact that your CMS if featureless is causing you issues and making your site maintenance hard work. We need to talk.

Time is one of your most precious commodoties, why waste it with ineffective tools ?

We're sure that if you owned  a car that kept on breaking down and making you late every day, you'd take it to the garage and get it fixed.

Why put up with a website that is hard work to maintain ?

Let us help you make your site maintenance Quick and Easy !!

 I am so pleased with the job you did for me... I thank you for such assiduous attention in sorting out the few glitches so promptly and efficiently. The service and knowledge that you provide is top notch, if I need to recommend a "provider" then you are the ones that I would put forward unhesitatingly. "

 Thank you, we are very happy with the work you did for us "

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