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Web Development

Web development is largely mis-understood by many clients. When thinking about your website, "web development" usually has them firmly holding down their chequebook cover, as they imagine the price going up and up.

This is far from the truth. Indeed Web Development should be something you relish and delight in - more if you're a geek but also a website owner.

Website Development is the umbrella name for the process of enhancing your website, by writing web code or one flavour or another to achieve an objective that your site visitor can interact with to produce an end result.

A website without any Web Development would at its most basic be simply an online brochure. Even with the most exciting images or graphics, it's struggle not to be flat, lifeless and to many people, reasonably dull.

If you add what I have dubbed "awesome sauce"  to your site then it will be able to interact with your visitor, to serve up content based upon the visitors choices. For example you mayhave an interactive quiz or questionnaire on your usite. Without web development "awesome sauce", how would your site know it has to jump questions 12 and 13 because of how your site visitor answered question 9. All these good things are created with a large portion of Awesome Sauce.

Is it time that you took your website to the next level? What are you waiting for? Call us now.

How do I decide what I need for my site?

Following a quick consultation with you to determine the purpose of the site, we'd agree how the site should interact with visitors and what information is being fed from your website to the visitor, how that is then presented and possibly returned to you in the form of an enquiry or other type of information.

We are happy for you to attempt to consider this all on your own, or to have a brief discussion with us.

We will be delighted to offer you a few insights into how you can maximise this whilst keeping the site on budget.

Examples of web development could be an interactibve product gallery that offered images with a zoom facility. Other examples may include bespoke document management sytems that offer different documents based upon the level of authority the site visitor has.

Bespoke web development made easy

We can help you to firstly understand what your are trying to achieve and then to see how your requirements translate into effective development of your website.

Different websites will require a varying amount of web develpment, your site is as unique as your business and we know your requirements will be unique too.

We'll be delighted to work with you to create a great website with a large portion of "Awesome Sauce".

Call us today to find out more about developing your website.

Pick up the phone and begin the small step of enhancing your website.

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