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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation can be loosely split into three different categories - On Page Optimisation, Off Page Optimisation and also Social Media Optimisation. These terms can be very misunderstood and applied to all kinds of things which they are only loosely connected to. This is largely due to the fact that it can be very difficult to immediately measure any real results, or realise a quick return on investment.

Did you know that approximately 85% of your potential customers will find your website through a Search Engine? This should demonstrate the need to make your website friendly to the Search Engines as well as to your human visitors.

'On Page' Search Engine Optimisation is a list of actions and enhancements that can be applied directly to a your website in order to help it to be found and listed more favourably by Search Engines e.g. Google , Yahoo or MSN.

There are a lot of companies dotted around the internet today wanting to extract money from unsuspecting customers without doing very much work. This is because SEO Marketing is difficult to quantify, and the client rarely understands the process.

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How do you achieve 'On Page Optimisation' ?

'On Page Optimisation' is achieved by adding extra code to each of your web pages. Every web page ultimately runs HTML, the basic language of all web pages. We simply add specific HTML infomation to each web page contained within your website. These keywords, phrases, descriptions and other information all work together, to allow the Search Engine to more easily understand the primary message of each web page.

This should encourage the Search Engines to include your web page more favourably in a list of results. When a visitor or potential customer or client searches on Google, Yahoo or Bing using words that would accurately describe your products or services.


Can I do this myself or must you do it for me ?

There are many parts of this process that you can do yourself. You can research and decide which keywords or key phrases you would like to add to your web pages. You can write short descriptions that best describe each of your web pages. We can then take this information and add it to each of your web pages for you. Working together will make the process much more cost effective for you.

We can also work with you to provide solutions that make it easier for you to maintain your web pages yourself. One solution would be the incorporation of a Content Management System into your existing website. This would allow you to alter and fine tune your 'On Page Optimisation' at any time without the need for any additional expense.

 We can help by building you an On Page strategy for your online business as part of your overall Search Engine Optimisation plan. We feel it could be less effective to only focus on an On Page Strategy, when you may also require some Off Page Optimisation to enahnce the work already in progress. Talk to us today and allow us to take a look at your website and suggest the improvements we would recommend to form an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

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