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Online Marketing

There is one perpetual fairy-tale that many website owners, or potential website owners seem to subscribe to almost immediately. That is tyhe one where the phone will ring off the hook, just because I now own a website.

Rubbish - I hear you retort.

Great, what Online Marketing strategy have you adopted for your websites ?
An online marketing Strategy may seem a little "high - brow" but it really is essential if you are going to make the investment that you have just injectedinto your business in the form aof a website pay for itself.

Generally it is those clients who politely decline to comment or engage with this idea that comment at a later date that there were not many enquiries, or things have really tailed-off for me, or that things just did not turn out a rosy as they imagined it would.

An Online Marketing Strategy is in my opinion vital to the success of the site.

Once you have the site visitors, things won't just hop up, in an ever increasing stream of traffic, the tills won't ring until you're so sick of the sound of the cash-register (although I am sure that would be very welcome).
Owning a website is easy, maintaining a website is the hard part. Just like a garden it takes a little time to maintain each week or month. Again just like a garden, the more frequently you tend it, the better the results.

Is it time that you took your website to the next level? What are you waiting for? Call us now.

So what would we suggest or recommend?

Generally we'd recommend a mix of the following...

The big problem with all of this is that it either stops you running your business whilst you're doing it, you need to epmploy someone lese part time to do it, or pay a contractor to act on your behalf.

When times are tough Online Marketing is one thing that seems to get tossed out of the door pretty quick.

This really is a shame. One of the fastest growing sectors of the UK economy is the online market.
Why would you not wish to be a part of that ?

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What's the point ??

Many people hthink that this part of the project is just a huge "value add" for the bottom line / profit margin of each web design or development project we take on.

The truth is far from that.

In reality no brand new site attracts as many visitors as one that is benefitting from being marketed.
This could be just online marketing or a blend of online and offilne marketing.

Why would you not want to tell everyone about your new site and attract visitors to your new site, after all aren't these same visitors individually all opportunities to do business ?

Chat to us today about how we'd suggest you could improve your online marketing.

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