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Mobile websites seems to be either a swear word, a source of embaressment or an opportunity to blag for most website owners. Those that know their site works well on mobile, like to tell you about it. Whilst others are only too happy to change the subject and talk about anything else other than how their website looks on a mobile device.

The issue is simply to do with the changing method of how people of different ages are surfing the internet.
More and more people are changing how they view web pages. People are generally moving away from desk-bound PCs to laptops, tablets (iPad, Blackberry Playbook, Google Nexus 7 and so on) and onto smart phones such as iPhone and the like.

As a website owner, this trend is only likely to increase.

Before you think that this simply does not apply to your website, I'd think it depends on what type of business you're in.
A niche market website that appeals mainly to oil-rig workers or factory managers may find that they are still being looked at using desk-bound computers.

However more mainstream content like fashion, jewellery, electrical goodsand sports / leisure equipment will certainly have a much more mixed audience.

If it is not important now, it will only become incresingly important that your website works well on a smaller screen.

We recongise this need and are able to deliver a smart site, that will recalibrate itself to match the screensize your visitor is using.

This could be a phone, tablet, laptop or desk bound PC with 22" screens, the site will always look good and be easy to use.

Why settle fo all that scrolling, sliding and zooming - when you could have a site that works more intelligently accross different screen sizes.

Is it time that you took your website to the next level? What are you waiting for? Call us now.

Why bother - my site looks OK on my phone.

My site looks OK on my phone. Aren't you just trying to sell me an expensive plug-ion that'll be chargeable each month ? In this business cliemate I simply don't have the funds to justify this non-essential spend.

The short answer is no.

Our solution is not some plug in or other mobile solution that forces visitors to adopt the web address if they dare to browser to yor site with a mobile device.

Our feeling is that unless you have very good reasons to adopt a specificly different mobile strategy, that you are probably best reworking your website a little to allow it to be seen on screens from the very largest down to the smallest too.


Make your site smart-phone!

It's pretty easy to make your site smart for phones (unless it's really old and the code is preventative).

A quick analysis of your site will let us know if it is going to be able to be converetd into a smart phone and tablet friendly site.

The process if not too long and after some enhancements of the site you will have a mobile friendly website.

With the huge gowth in online sales - largely attributable to smart phone and tablet devices there has never been a better time to own a mobile firenly website.

Why leave your site labelled as mobile unfriendly ?

 Many thanks and thank you for being so professional - very refreshing!! "

 Thank you, we are very happy with the work you did for us "

 We are very pleased with the website, many thanks for your speedy delivery "

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